What Makes Lancaster Technology Camps Special


The instructors at Lancaster Technology Camp had a blast working with students this past summer! While we believe Lancaster Technology Camps offers the best summer camps in Lancaster County, we know that there are lots of great camps out there.  So why is Lancaster Technology Camps special?  One area that makes Lancaster Technology Camps unique is that all of our instructors are actual certified teachers.  All of our teachers are professional teachers in the Hempfield School District, with years of teaching experience. Our instructors all have deep understanding of how to work with kids and are masters at their craft.  Often other camps are run by high school or college students, or people who don’t spend their entire day in a classroom.  They are unable to offer the quality of content and programming that professional educators can.  The teachers experience allows Lancaster Technology Camps to offer experiences for students that are extremely high quality, and of high interest for students.

The expertise of our instructors also allows our students to participate in experiences that no other camp is offering.  We use top quality equipment, because that is what our teachers use.  While our camps are open to students in grades 4-9, the students get experience working with equipment that they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to work with till high school.

Another unique characteristic of Lancaster Technology Camps is that we offer each teacher the opportunity to design and plan their camp.  Our philosophy is that the teachers are the experts in their area and they should decide what they teach.  Many other camps have pre-planned lessons and itinerary that is boxed and sold.  A teacher simply comes in and teachers what is prepared.  By allowing our teachers to design their camp and curriculum, we are able to provide unique opportunities for students and give them an experience they won’t be able to get anywhere else!

We are so proud to be able to offer these experiences for students!  We are already looking forward to planning next summer’s camps!


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